Heavy vs Light Weights

So I have been recently experimenting with different reps, sets and weight amounts in my training.

Now obviously lifting heavier is going to give you that mass and muscle growth. However since I have been doing more volume training with a slightly lighter weight, I have actually noticed more muscle definition. Volume meaning you just do more exercises, reps or times you train that muscle group.

I have never really lacked muscle development or tone in my upper body. I get shredded and built pretty easily. My lower body is a different story. Muscle mass is easy as long as I’m lifting heavy and my nutrition is on point, however it is also the area I carry all my fat! Especially on the back of my legs.😒 I have to train twice as hard as the average person being a pear/hourglass shape. Hiit has helped a lot with that! Its awesome for fat burn while retaining muscle.

Since I have changed the way I train lower body and changed up my macros ( I noticed by actually eating more carbs I look and feel leaner)I have seen a difference in my lower body. My current workout routine for legs I have been doing one heavier leg day ,one glute focused day and one lighter weight leg day with plyos inbetween exercises. This is the routine I have been loving!👉https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1eN7EZMyHrk&t=28s

Needless to say, my legs are done after that workout!😰👆

Changing up your routine is good for breaking through those plateaus. We need to keep our bodies guessing and continue challenging ourselves.

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