I just want to take a minute to stress how important it is to rest. Rest and relaxation is important for your health, mind and body.

My husband would say that I am the wrong person to give this advice.😏 I am horrible when it comes to R&R. I am always doing something! Whether it’s cleaning, cooking, running errands or working out. I am always doing something. But, they are crucial. Especially if you are trying to lose weight and/or build any kind of muscle mass. Our bodies always need proper rest but, when you workout, it’s very important to have those rest days.

My rest days are usually Sundays but, they often change depending on the week.

Just set aside one day to rest from exercise. In reality, obviously we can’t just do absolutely nothing. Especially if you are a parent😉. But, we can take a day that is more relaxing and less physical. Like for me Sundays are when I food prep and take my oldest daughter to volleyball. To me that is relaxing. I like cooking! And driving my daughter to vball and spending one on one time is awesome!

So whatever is considered a rest day to you, go ahead and do it. We all need one day of R&R.

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