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A question I hear all the time is, “Should I workout on my period?” There is not really a one size fits all answer. All of us women are different and have different bodies. I can tell you my experience and opinions.

I have always had pretty bad periods growing up. All the women in my family tend to have pretty awful period symptoms.😞 The first day we usually would get so sick that we would have to stay in bed for a couple hours. So like I said everyone’s experience is different.

But, back to the question, “Should you workout on your period?” For me the short answer would be, yes. From my experience, I actually feel better after I exercise during my period. Even when I am bloated, tired and have slight cramps, I will force myself to do some form of exercise. Movement actually helps with all those symptoms. I end up feel more energetic and less bloated. However, be aware that movement also creates more of a flow….😝 So be prepared.

Research actually suggests exercise during your period helps with mood, bloat and cramping. Even if you just go for a walk or do some yoga.

Trust me, I know getting up and moving around is the last thing us women want to do when you are on your period. But, from personal experience it definetly has it’s benefits.

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