Glute Training-How Often?

There a tons of advice out there about glute training. “How often?” “How heavy?” “How many reps?” Most advice out there says 2x a week should be your max. That actually isn’t completely accurate. At least not for me.

I used to train legs/glutes 2x a week. But, about 3 weeks ago I started training glutes 5x a week! Let me explain. I do two heavy glute/leg days with heavy weight training. But then I do 3 days of band work. 👈 That is a good workout!

Your glutes are made up of three parts, medius, minimus and maximus. The glutes surprising are one of our most underused muscle areas. Most of us spend a lot of our time sitting. So activating the glutes on a daily basis is extremely important not only to grow and shape your glutes. But, also having strong glutes is important for your back as well.

So can you train glutes everyday? The answer obviously depends on each person. But, in my opinion. Yes, you can! From my personal experience training glutes 5x a week has strengthened and shaped my glutes. It also has improved the way my glutes activate during my heavy training glute/leg days.

If you are unsure of what to do. I will be posting a glute activation video very soon! I also have quite a few up on my Instagram. So get squeezing!

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