Quality Over Quantity

In this case I am referring to exercise. I can’t count the times I have seen people in the gym doing countless amounts of reps with poor form and using the wrong amount of weight. I want to explain in this blog post about the importance of using correct form, muscle activation, and using the correct weight and rep range.

1. Muscle Activation

Muscle activation is a way of getting the muscle you are getting ready to train warmed up. This is especially important for glute training. Glute training and growth has become such a popular thing to do nowadays. There are countless workouts out there for training glutes. But, if you aren’t activating those muscles beforehand, you aren’t going to get the results you are seeking. Basically doing a 8-10 min muscle activation/warm up before training will increase your results and that muscle definition and or growth you are seeking.

2. Proper Form

This is the most important thing to remember when doing an exercise. Proper form is much more important than how many reps, sets and the amount of weight your lifting. If your form is off than all of those other things don’t really matter. Proper form is not only important to get great results but, also for decreasing the risk of injury. If you are ever unsure of how to properly perform an exercise, ask for help or research the proper form.

3. Correct Weight

I have seen a lot of people(mostly guys) 😏(sorry guys, no hate) lifting extremely heavy weight that causes their form to be way off. In cases like this, leave your ego at the door. Lifting a weight that is way too heavy for you us just doing you more harm than good. If you can’t perform the exercise with the right form, you may be lifting the wrong amount of weight. If your goal is to increase muscle and definition, lift weight that is heavy enough to challenge you while using the correct form. This can also apply to those using a weight that is way too light. Again, if your goal is to increase muscle, going too light with hundreds of reps won’t get you there. The weight should be heavy enough to where you start to struggle towards the second to the last rep in your set.

Quality of training is much more important than doing a huge quantity of exercises with the wrong form and weights. It’s not a competition. Leave your ego at the door and just do what you can! But, make it challenging with correct form and muscle activation and you will get results.

Coming Soon!

Glute Activation and Workout Videos!

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