What’s In the Bag?

Yes, I’m that crazy girl at the gym that’s always carrying around a gym bag. I have my basic essentials as well as things I can’t go without.

Let’s face it most of the time, gyms don’t have everything we may need or want. I know mine doesn’t.

1. Mini Resistance Bands

Now while most gyms have resistance bands, they usually aren’t the mini bands you can pull around your thighs for extra glute activation and resistance. I use these types of bands every time I train legs. Definitely a must have for me.

2. Barbell Pad

Most gyms do carry these but, they usually aren’t very good. They are usually too thin and slip easily with movement during exercise. Plus, eww! I know some people feel they are unnecessary but, when I am doing heavy hip thrusts or squats they are definetly helpful. I found mine on Amazon.

3. Weight Gloves

I know not everyone uses these but, it makes heavy weight training a lot more comfortable. It’s pretty rough on the hands doing a heavy deadlifts without these gloves.

4. Bluetooth Headphones

I think most people would agree that these are definetly a must have. Having music on while working out really helps me focus and get in the zone.


Anytime I train I have my BCAA in my water bottle. You also get a lot of your BCAAs from your diet. I definetly notice the difference in energy and recovery when I don’t drink it. Plus it tastes yummy!😋

6. Towel and Deodarant

So to be real. I sweat a lot when I workout!💦😝 So, having a small towel with me helps from getting the sweat in my eyes. And obviously when you sweat, you are gonna smell. So Deodarant is a must.

So yea, I am kind of high maintenance when it comes to having what I need or want when I’m in the gym.

What are some things you take with you to the gym?

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