Don't Follow Society's Rules of Beauty

I was recently inspired by another blogger to cover the subject of the over sexualization of the fitness industry. People are always harping on about beauty competitions and the modeling industry. But this whole”fitsbo” movement is just as bad!

I want to first say, that there is nothing wrong with wanting to improve yourself and set goals for yourself. But, when it becomes unhealthy, physically and mentally. That’s when you need to ask yourself, is it worth it? Your health and well being need to be a factor! Take it from me. I grew up in the ninetys and early two thousands when being super thin was the trend. And me being a curvy hourglass shape I was always feeling like I needed to be skinnier. So I started doing tons of cardio and eating next to nothing. Social media wasn’t even a thing yet. So the pressure of women and even men to be and look a certain way has just gotten worse!

I will say that society has gotten better with accepting that women come in different shapes and sizes. Which I totally appreciate.💜 It has been a long time coming. But, no matter how it may be accepted. The “ideal” body in this generation is, super fit, big booty and big breasts. 😒 Which has led to a lot of unhealthy supplements and cosmetic surgeries.

Eventually this fad will pass and it will be the popular thing to be something else. Unfortunately, it’s a never ending ugly cycle.

As a mom of two awesome daughters, I am happy to be raising them in a time where women are a lot more celebrated!🙌✊I am raising them to be strong and confident women. To appreciate themselves and others for who they are inside and not just how they look.

It’s okay to want to feel and look beautiful but, just don’t forget who you are or who you want to be along the way. And put your health first. Life is short. Be healthy, be strong, and be confident. Don’t let society determine your worth. We are all different and need to appreciate and ❤love each other.

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