My New Fitness Challenge

I like to set new fitness goals for myself. I am always trying new routines and exercises to see the affect they have on my body and physique.

My newest challenge is a 4-6 week super heavy weight training routine.I will be starting Monday. This isn’t just for muscle growth but to gain strength as well.

I do often change up my rep range but I want to make this a consistent routine by trying this heavy weight low rep range for a 4-6 week period.

Its always a good thing to come up with new goals for yourself. To always challenge yourself. Join this challenge with me and share your experience and results.

I will be posting updates throughout this challenge. Don’t forget to checkout my Instagram, livefitbunny for videos and pictures.😉

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  1. I find this to be very inspiring. In fact, I started doing to glutes workouts you did on instagram. ;). I think this is a wonderful thing! Way to go!

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