My top 5 Glute Exercises

I have always loved training glutes and lower body. It is where I carry a lot of my fat.😕 So anytime I train lower body, I go pretty hard and heavy.
These are my top 5 GLUTE exercises. They really zero in and target the booty. However with working the glutes you will still be working other supporting muscles.
From experience I’ve learned that a warm up and glute activation is important. When worked with glute exercises, it has helped me achieve glute balance and growth. I will be posting at a later date, my go to glute warm up.
Mind muscle connection is important when you are putting tension on a specific muscle group. Think about what muscle you are focusing on and squeeze.

1. Hip Thrusts
I usually do this one using a barbell or smith machine. This can also be done using a dumbbell. I like to alternate between heavy to medium weight while changing up the rep range. To give added resistance I use a mini band around my legs.

2. Hip Abduction
This can be done using a mini band if you don’t have access to a abductor machine. Position on all fours and lift your knee sideways.

3. Donkey Kicks
I use this one just on the floor with 10lb ankle weights. Let me tell you, it really targets that booty area. This can also be done using a smith machine or cable attachments. You can also just use body weight with a band.

4. Glute Bridges
This exercise is very simular to the hip thrust. The range of motion is a little different. I also notice I feel it more in my upper glute area, that shelf area😄. By changing the positioning of my feet it helps all areas of the glutes as well as the hamstrings.

5. Goblet Squats
Goblet squats are just a bit different than your standard squats. You simply hold the weight in front of you by your chest. Feet should be shoulder width apart with toes and knees out slightly with elbows going in between the knees on the downward motion. Go as heavy as you can and concentrate on squeezing your glutes. I like to add weight plates under my toes or heels for better range of motion.
These are usually my go to booty exercises. By incorporating these into my training program I have had great progress in glute strength and growth. Having good strong glutes isn’t just for aesthetics. Strong glutes decreases your risk of back injury. Especially during other exercises.

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