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Starting on a fitness and health journey is always a challenge. Especially if you are a beginner and unsure of where to start. A lot of people constantly ask me how I stay motivated. The thing is that motivation to succeed is different for each person. For me I wanted a strong healthy body inside and out. So maybe ask yourself what it is that you want.

The exercise part was easy for me. Ever since I was about fourteen I loved exercise, playing sports and just being active. Exercise was kind of my hobby. And a hobby is an activity you love to do.
People always thought I was crazy to love exercise. So staying motivated to workout was never an issue for me, because I love it! However, I know for a lot of people it is a struggle to find the motivation to workout.
Exercise isn’t just about lifting weights or running on a treadmill. Exercise can be many different things. Playing a sport, hiking, yoga, pilates, running, hiit, swimming, dance. Exercise is about being active. There is no one size fits all when it comes to fitness. You need to find what you like to do. What kind of exercise YOU enjoy. Or even want to try. So I think once you find what interests you, it will give you motivation to stay active.

Like I said previously, the exercise part was easy for me. The nutrition part was definetly more of a challenge. The problem is, I love FOOD! 😍
Unfortunately not all food is good for you or beneficial for your body. The way I stay motivated to eat a clean diet, filled with nutritious and real food is by remembering how I felt before. I was overweight and not taking care of my body. That isn’t to say that I never eat sugar or pizza. Because I do.
My rule of thumb is 7 days in a row eating clean and then 1 day or meal to eat whatever I want. I found that by not restricting myself too much helps me to stay motivated and on track. And I still lost weight. Now I am just maintaining my weight but, I still eat a clean diet. For me this is a lifestyle not a diet. And I don’t do it just to look lean and/or skinny. I do it for my health and for the health of my family.
So my motivation is my health. I don’t think there is a stronger motivation for good nutrition than your health and the health of your loved ones to stay motivated.

Sometimes we are gonna mess up. Sometimes a cheat meal may continue for a week or even longer. But, don’t get down or give up. Just get right back to it and start again. Its gonna happen. It’s happened to me. But, like I said, just don’t give up.

And it may even take time to find the right fitness and nutrition program for you. I know it took me time to find what worked for me. Research and trial and error. That’s what did it for me. Keep reading, watching videos asking questions whatever you need to do to find what will personally work for you.

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  1. I am right there with you. I love exercise–keeping up my lifting routine is easy; it’s my favorite part of the day. But I also love food (and dark beer)!

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