From Low Carb To Paleo

I mentioned in my previous post that health and weightloss success is 70% of what you put in your body.
When I started my weightloss/fat loss journey I immediately cut carbs. I thought that to lose weight I couldn’t consume carbs. My diet consisted mostly of animal fats,dairy and protein. Along with only certain vegetables. Intially I lost weight. But, eventually eating that way left me feeling constantly hungry and having a lack of energy. The problem with eating almost no carbs is that my body was missing out on a lot of the vitamins and minerals that it needed to thrive.
Now I am not saying that low carb diets are bad. But, for me it just wasn’t sustainable.
As I was doing all my reading and research, I discovered something called the Paleo diet or what we call the “caveman diet” or in this case the cavewoman. The Paleo diet consists of the idea to eat as close as possible to how people thousands of years ago would eat. Meat, vegetables, nuts, seeds, eggs, natural sugars and fruits. Obviously I was hesistant considering I would be going from eating no fruit or root vegetables to actually eating them. The Paleo diet does not approve of grains, processed sugars or dairy. The idea was to eat as little preserved pre packaged food as possible. To eat whole real foods.
Within around 2 weeks or so I felt amazing. Inside and out. I lost a considerable amount of body fat. I had tons of energy.
While I am praising the Paleo lifestyle, I know it may not be for everyone. It worked amazingly for me and I enjoy eating that way. I consider it a lifestyle instead of a diet. It’s how I plan to always eat.
I want to close by saying that I am not some machine that is perfect and that eats clean 365 days a year. It is okay to have a treat sometimes. Just as long as you get right back to it. That’s why it’s considered a treat, because it’s something you have only once in awhile. I don’t beat myself up about it anymore. I just move on and get back to where I was.


I will be posting a few of my favorite leg workouts.


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