My Transition from Cardio to Weight Training

First off I want to say that you can’t out exercise a bad diet. There is a reason why professionals say 70% diet 30% exercise. It’s true. However, that is a subject for another time.
I started out like most people when it came to fat loss. Cardio is King. I would run almost everyday 1 to 2 hours. I was convinced that I needed to run as much as possible to lose fat and get lean. I did on ocassion do weight training but with very light weight. I was conviced that if I lifted heavier I would get big and bulky. It took quite sometime before I realized my workout routine was not working for me. I started doing a lot of research and reading on the topic of weight training and fat loss. Just about everywhere I read was that weight training was an ideal way to lose fat and gain muscle (even for women). I also discovered that a lot of this information was given by women who have had the success using this type of training. They were not big and bulky, but lean and strong.
I started going to the gym to try it out for myself. I started lifting weights heavy enough to challenge my body. Within about 6 weeks I noticed a difference in my physique. I also realized how much I loved this form of exercise. I felt strong and so good after each workout. I started seeing a lot of muscle growth and fat loss. By incorporating a clean balanced diet and an organized workout routine, I was able to reach my fitness and health goals. It took me about two years to really get to where I wanted. I know that may sound like a long time. But, it was through a lot of trial and error. When it comes to starting a fitness and health goal, research is very important. I learned a lot by just reading and watching videos on these topics. It was well worth in the end. Whether it be diet, exercise or anything else you are trying to achieve. Keep going. Keep pushing.
So to conclude my post, I want to say to all you ladies out there who are afraid to lift or get under that barbell. You will not get big and bulky! Instead you will get a lean, feminine muscular physique. Challenge yourself. Train hard to gain hard.
I want to close by talking about what you can expect from me. My blog will focus mostly on diet and fitness. In the up coming weeks I plan on posting more info on these topics. I hope to include at some point to also post short workout videos for certain exercises and proper form.

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  1. As a man, I must say that this had lit a fire under me. I’ve lost about 30 lbs. so far, got another 120 Plus more to go. Thanks for the post!

  2. I did the same, I thought cardio was king for weight loss but have transitioned to weight training with some cardio as a warm up. Great job, I loved the post!

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